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  • The big brother of our dolphin tool .... this 'hygiene friendly' whale hanger is useful for so many things.
  • Possible uses include:
    • Carrying multiple plastic shopping bags. By using the whale to hold the bags, you can prevent the plastic bag handles cutting into your hand and make it easy to transfer multiple bags between hands.
    • Hold onto underground or bus grab rails. The Whale gives you a few extra inches of arm length so prevents you having to stretch that little bit further and will provide some grip to the rail. It also means you don't have to hold the rail with your hand thereby reducing the potential of transferring germs/bacteria on to your skin.
    • The 'fin' of the whale can be used to depress bus stop buttons, lift call buttons, door open buttons etc.
  • Easy to clean with soap and water, hand sanitiser or antibacterial spray.
  • Overall dimensions of the tools: approx 145mm tall by 140mm wide (at the widest point).
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X8194                WHALE HANGER TOOL                                       BAGS OF 10